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Our Process

With little regulation in South Africa there is plenty confusion around the types, and quality of cannabis oils available. While all methods of extraction will contain some level of cannabinoids, it is the ratios and the 

by-products of the extraction process that need to be focused on.

Green Healing's first step to creating a medical grade cannabis oil, is to ensure that the strains of plant being used to extract the oil are derived from medical grade seeds. Our team has spent years testing hundreds of different medical grade strains of cannabis. The result of this testing and research was the identification of nine particular strains that we now use to create Green Healing products. These strains are purposely combined differently in each of our formulas so as to achieve very specific ratios of cannabinoids, and as a result be able to treat different ailments effectively. 


Our plants are all grown in an indoor, meticulously controlled environment. Green Healing does not make use of any pesticides, growth hormones or other stimulants. Our plants produce consistent ratios of healing cannabinoids by means of 24 hour temperature and lighting control. All nutrients fed to our plants are 100% organic.

Different strains of cannabis contain different ratios of healing cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are (but not limited to) THC, CBD, CBG and CBN. Green Healing make use of a number of different strains of Cannabis in each formula as it has been proven that by combining these Cannabinoids in specific ratios (know as The Entourage Effect) is far more effective at treating a wider array of ailments.  


Different extraction methods will have different levels of success in extracting these cannabinoids. Green Healing's process of extraction combines that of CO2 and rosin. By combining these two methods we are able to ensure potent THC (in our THC Dominant formula) but also preserve the more delicate cannabinoids like CBD, CBC and CBG.


We do not use any solvents in our extraction processes.

Green Healing products are also additive and preservative free.

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